Strategic Innovation
Cross collaboration
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We promote innovation as a means to achievement in the strategy and objectives of groups of all kinds, using participation as a key resource

Vegga is an association that promotes strategic innovation and open access to the information society for sustainable community and social development.

Our mission is to promote innovation projects through the use of the new methods of cooperation, communication, management and participation offered by the information society as a tool to promote creativity and community progress.

We divide these projects into three main groups:

  • Strategic areas of knowledge, the disciplines in which we apply our own expertise to projects:
    • Education o Culture
    • Health
    • Developmental organisation:
    • Journalism and the media
    • Rural development:
    • Employability and caring for people with special needs
    • Property management
  • Target groups, i.e. the types of groups that receive aid from our projects:
    • Non-profit associations
    • Universities o Public authorities
    • Foundations o Companies

Our own projects or activities, i.e. participatory projects fostered by the initiatives of Vegga members.

  • Vegga is a non-profit organisation focused on a sustainable future, whose objective is the promotion of strategic innovation projects.

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