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Innovation Plans
Innovation master plans are tools used by groups to create mechanisms that promote competitiveness, loyalty, continued improvement and adaptations to society's needs.

The Vegga Association has gained extensive experience in support and assessment with respect to creating innovative master plans.

An effective master plan allows you to advance to new standards of efficiency and excellence, ensuring the competitiveness of your organisation.

The phrase "innovate or die" exemplifies the need to adapt to change. We offer the benefits of our accumulated wisdom and experience in order to guide your participatory strategy effectively. We establish a mechanism that allows each group to define and manage a master plan by dividing and categorising tasks into phases (annual, biennial, triennial, etc.).

Goals are categorised by means of gap analysis, and this leads to the definition of the specific actions that will be undertaken in line with the plan. These tools help us organise and systematize tasks among participants and to monitor their status.

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