Strategic Innovation
Cross collaboration
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Training & Coaching
We offer our knowledge and experience to society in order to extend the innovation culture, a culture that is open, sustainable and participatory.

Vegga believes that it is necessary to construct cross-cutting, participatory strategic innovation channels. We want our experiences to be added to a bank of group knowledge and professional practices.

We also stress emphasis on our own training process.

We believe that the value of Vegga comprises a broad range of methodology and values, and our aim is to teach these concepts to those who could benefit from them.

In specific terms we:

  • Promote participation through publicity initiatives by the inter-relating those bodies involved in order to improve processes and innovation.
  • Create a web to publicise innovation using CIT.
  • Publicise and make information on project results available.
  • Share information in order to improve and construct better strategic innovation in the information society.
  • Organise conferences and workshops.
  • Create a strategic innovation network and keep it active. Periodical publications (on both paper and online formats).
  • Seek to promote programmes to the media and participatory journalism. Actively participate in conferences on CIT and strategic innovation.
  • ...
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