Strategic Innovation
Cross collaboration
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Vegga puts forward constant innovation and methodological investigation with the aim of systematically improving the methodologies, techniques and tactics of strategic innovation.

We undertake social investigations that analyse and evaluate today's situations, in addition to existing needs and requirements, using tests or determined research programmes to question those methodologies currently employed in order to implement significant improvements.

In our technological section the Vegga Foundation will continue its investment in “copy left” e-participation software.

We have developed a powerful version of this software over the last ten years and we believe that continuing with new versions is a worthwhile venture. In specific terms by:


  • Evaluating current processes of strategic innovation in order to improve them and innovate in these areas (internal projects).
  • Undertaking research in the participation sector through those CITs commissioned by companies or organisations (external projects).
  • Analysing the benefits and the anthropology of participation.
  • R+D+I for developing strategic innovation symbiosis and the information society.
  • Evaluating and reviewing the R+D+I methodologies, studies and projects made.
  • Conducting monitoring and identification of impact indicators for 6 months or 1 year after projects have been finalised.
  • Collecting reports on projects on strategic innovation and SC.
  • The undertaking of research and later implementation.
  • The creation of an observatory.
  • Systems for centralising research and third party conclusions. R+D+I for quality control management in strategic innovation.
  • ...
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